Thoughts while traveling…part 1

So I was thinking of maybe documenting some interesting thoughts or things we reflect on while we are traveling. I am not sure if this will stick, but lets see… How did people travel before google maps and ride sharing services?!? I am happy to be doing this trip with those apps my phone. ThatContinue reading “Thoughts while traveling…part 1”

New Zealand Week 3: Wine, seals, mountains, parrots!

Our last week in New Zealand was yet another whirlwind of driving, new cities, and taking in the sights. Some highlights include wine tasting, hanging out in seal colonies in Kaikoura, taking a helicopter ride over the glaciers, and luging in Queenstown. South Island Wine Country Our South Island adventure started with a ferry rideContinue reading “New Zealand Week 3: Wine, seals, mountains, parrots!”

Big Island of Hawaii: Week 2

During the second week of our stay on the big island, we went to new beach parks, explored more of Hilo, saw the tallest waterfall in Hawaii, and hiked in Volcano National Park. Beach Parks! Richardson Beach Park Our new favorite east side beach park was discovered this week: Richardson Beach Park. It is similarContinue reading “Big Island of Hawaii: Week 2”

Big Island of Hawaii: Week 1

We are starting our big round the world adventures with a one month stay on the big island of Hawaii. Our Airbnb for the month is just north of Hilo and has beautiful ocean views. The owners are great and have provided what we need for the month in terms of supplies and knowledge ofContinue reading “Big Island of Hawaii: Week 1”